AUST Campus

AUST campus is adjoining the Abuja Technology Village (ATV) within the Technology District Cadastral Zone C17 of the Federal Capital City, Abuja. A planned cluster of leading and cutting-edge research institutes and entrepreneurial technology companies located on a 1,000-hectare site 10 minutes from Abuja’s city center and 20 minutes from Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. The Nigerian government’s aim in developing the ATV is to establish a platform for a sustainable knowledge-based economy in Nigeria; to provide world-class infrastructure, civic amenities, and knowledge driven environment to facilitate technological advancement, job creation, export diversification, and poverty reduction in Nigeria; and to make Abuja the technology capital of Africa.

Whilst the successful development of AUST is critical to the achievement of these aims, the achievement of these aims is also critical to AUST’s success. In this respect, both the ATV and AUST projects are interdependent. AUST provides the ATV project with an institutional anchor, a cluster of leading academics and researchers, access to world class research laboratories, and a steady stream of excellent students. ATV provides AUST with strong links to industry, new and fresh ideas, a place where faculty and students can interact with industry, and the entrepreneurial environment critical to the mission of AUST.

The campus has modern classrooms, computer rooms, residences (both students and faculty), laboratories (in the process of being equipped), cafeteria, sports and leisure facilities (basketball, soccer, gym, tennis and pool).

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