Aust Collaboration with 2IE

Between 11th and 20th June, 2012, four students from AUST participated in the 2IE Enterprise days which were held at 2IE Ouaga-dougou, Burkina Faso. The Enterprise days is an annual event that at-tracts participants from industry leading re-search institutes and aca-demia. The involvement of AUST in the program was intended to facilitate the implementation of the AUST-2IE Partner-ship Which is a compo-nent of the SNAIST Pro-ject. The students show-cased some projects as well as programs avail-able at AUST. The AUST stand attracted enquiries from many students, indi-viduals and institutions who all indicated interests in the programs being of-fered at the AUST. The enterprise day featured presentations from key speakers from different institutions.

2IE Visit

In his presentation entitled „Ceramic Water Filtra-tion For Global Health’, AUST President, Prof. Wole Soboyejo noted that much of Africa‟s approach to water treatment has fo-cused on large scale water treatment he further indi-cated that there are major issues of water contamination beyond the water works. According to him, several pipes are cracked, giving rise to the contamination of water en route to taps. He added that within the rural areas, the problem is often associated with contami-nated ground water sources. In his conclusion, Prof. Soboyejo said that the introduction of the point-of-use ceramic clay filters is a first step to solving the problems and issues of portable water for drink-ing. The enterprise days was an opportunity for the innovation groups of AUST to show case their businesses and projects, while also providing a strong platform for AUST students to interact with students from other institutions.

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